Doctoral Degree Programme
PhD Students
Aikins Amoako ASIAMA
Research Interests: Crime and Deviance, Gender and Sexuality, Youth and Drugs
BARRY Alicia Madeleine 李霞
Research Interests: Gender, Fertility, Chinese Society
CAI Xiaomin 蔡小敏
Research Interests: Assisted reproductive technologies; Gender
CAO Ji 曹霁
Research Interests: Social Inequality, Sociology of Education, Quantitative Methods
CHAN Hiu Sze 陳曉思
Research Interests: Cultural Sociology, Education
CHEN Lingxi 陳泠熹
Research Interests: Gender, Labor, Family, Fertility, China
CHEN Nanqian 陈南褰
Research Interests: Social determinants of health; Healthy life expectancy; Gene-environment interaction
DUERR Raphael
Research Interests: Public health and medical sociology, game theory, norm establishment
GEBEYEHU Kelemu Fenta
Research Interests: Health and wellbeing, Ageing, Social capital, Social protection, Urban housing and unemployment, Social inequality, Gender and sexuality
GU Yuxuan 顧雨璇
Research Interests: Crime and Criminal Justice, Gender Issues, Computational Social Science
Saoussane Rachel Sarah GHALI
Research Interests: Migration, Citizenship, Cross-border marriages and binational relationships, Intimacy
HU Yuhan 胡玉涵
Research Interests: Medical Sociology, Population Health, Ageing
HU Yutong 胡語桐
Research Interests: Sociology of Education, Social Stratification and Mobility, Demography
Research Interests: Crime, Deviance and Social Justice, Women, Education and Empowerment, Migration and Multicultural Societies, Resilience and Human Capability
JIA Xinge 賈心格
Research Interests: Crime and deviance, Quantitative Methods
JIANG Niantao 姜念濤
Research Interests: Social Stratification and Mobility, Social Epidemiology, Sociology of Education, Quantitative Methods
JIN Ge 金 鴿
Research Interests: Crime & Deviance, Youth Issue, and Migration
LAN Yaxin 蘭雅心
Research Interests: Medical Sociology, Economic Sociology, Rational Behavior, Agent-Based Model
LI Yujie 李宇傑
Research Interests: Computational Social Science, Social Networks, Text-as-data, Political Communication
LIU Yani 劉雅妮
Research Interests: Video Analysis, Ethnomethodology (EM) and Conversation Analysis (CA), New Technologies and Social Interaction, Economic Sociology, Platform Labour
Research Interests: Ethnomethodology, Multimodal Analysis, Classical Sociology, Sociology of Sport
QI Donghang 齊東航
Research Interests: Bureaucratic Mobility, Social Stratification and Mobility
SIU Cheuk Lap 蕭卓立
Research Interests: Crime And Deviance, Ex-Offender Reintegration, Migration And Immigration, Social Stratification
TANG Lin 唐 琳
Research Interests: Gender, Entrepreneurship, Family-Work Balance, Internet Ethnography
TU Lingyan 涂羚晏
Research Interests: Gender and work, Platform labour, Digital technology
Anita VENANZI 魏安蟻
Research Interests: INGOs (International Non-Governmental Organizations), Volunteerism, Chinese
Wang Jing 王 靖
Research Interests: Work And Employment; Labor Study; Digital Labor; Future Of Work; Civil Society
WANG Junwen 王俊文
Research Interests: Social stratification, Poverty, Education, Beliefs about inequality
WANG Shengbo 王聖博
Research Interests: Space and Culture, Urban Studies
YAO Wei 姚維
Research Interests: Criminal Sociology, Political Sociology
YONAHA Yvan Ysmael Tobias
Research Interests: Political Sociology, Economic Sociology, Sociology of Religion
YUE Xiaoqian 岳晓倩
Research Interests: Computational Social Science, Social Networks, Assortative Mating, Government Weibo
ZHANG Chuchu 張楚楚
Research Interests: Medical Sociology
ZHANG Chunxue 張春雪
Research Interests: social stratification and mobility, migration, family demography
ZHAO Mengke 赵孟珂
Research Interests: Family, Health, Social Inequality