YUE Xiaoqian
Supervisor / Co-supervisor

Supervisor: Prof. Tony Tam
Co-supervisor: Prof. Lee Jaemin

Area / Thesis topics
  • Computational Social Science
  • Social Networks
Research Interests
  • Computational Social Science
  • Social Networks
  • Assortative Mating
  • Government Weibo

Yue X, 2021, The mechanism of the innovation diffusion of government microblogging in China: Social network analysis based on microblog data, Annual Conference of the Chinese Sociological Association.

Yue X, 2020, Dynamic social network analysis of citizens’ online political participation, Annual Conference of the Chinese Sociological Association.

Deng L, Zhao H, Fan R, Yue X, 2017, A study on the mechanism of middle school students’ school bullying behavior from the perspective of social support, Annual Conference of the Fujian Sociology Association.

Book Chapters

2020 Yue X, Chapter 7: Family Housing, Shanghai in Change: Daily Life and Social Governance, eds. Sun X, Beijing: Social Sciences Academic Press (China).

Awards and honors

Awarded year: 2022
Award title: Excellent Graduates in Shanghai (Top 5%)

Awarded year: 2021, 2017
Award title: National Scholarship for Undergraduate/Graduate Student (Top 0.2%)

Awarded year: 2021, 2020, 2019
Award title: The First Prize Scholarship for Postgraduates of Shanghai University (Top 5%)

Awarded year: 2019
Award title: Outstanding graduate of Huaqiao University (Top 3%)

Awarded year: 2018
Award title: President’s Special Award of Huaqiao University (Top 20)

Awarded year: 2017
Award title: The National Second Prize and the Provincial First prize of the 15th “Challenge Cup” National Undergraduate Extra-Curricular Academic Science and Technology Works Contest