Supervisor / Co-supervisor

Supervisor: Prof. Mark Cohen
Co-supervisor: Prof. Christian Greiffenhagen

Research Interests
  • Ethnomethodology
  • Multimodal Analysis
  • Classical Sociology
  • Sociology of Sport
Area / Thesis topics

Ethnomethodology and conversation analysis

Conferences articles

6th International Conference on Conversation Analysis 2023, June 2023. Brisbane, Australia. Presentation: Passing the ball: The basic block of intersubjectivity in team sports

17th International Pragmatics Conference, June 2021. Winterthur, Switzerland (online participation). Presentation: Oriented to, but not Penalised, Rule Violations: Video Analysis of Substitutions in Beach Rugby


2018 Matvienko, R. (2018). Zapros videopovtora v regbi: Posledovatel’nost’ deistvii glavnogo sud’i [Television Match Official Review in Rugby Union: the Sequence of Referee’s Actions]. Sociology of Power, 30(2), 101–120.