Research Interests
  1. Social Stratification and Mobility
  2. Organizational Study
  3. Education
Book Chapter

Li Ding, Wang Peng. (2015) The Impact of Hukou and Origin of Students on Graduates’ Development Path. Pp. 94–109 in Report on Chinese College Students, 2015, edited by Li Lulu. Beijing: China Renmin University Press

Journal Articles

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Wang Peng. (2017) The Change of “”Agricultural”” to “”Non-Agricultural”” hukou, Return of Human Capital and the Earnings Gap between New Citizens and Original Residents[J]. Chinese Journal of Sociology (社会), (5): 217-241

Wang Peng. (2016) The Legitimacy Management of Small and Micro Enterprises from the Perspective of Game Theory: A Case Study of the Economic Development Zone in Y County[J]. Chinese Journal of Social Development (社会发展研究), (02):78-99