PhD, 2014

Research Interests
  1. Migration and Immigration
  2. Family Studies
  3. Gender
  4. Social Demography
  5. Race and Ethnic Relationsc
Journal Articles

Fong, Eric, Jenny Li, and Carew Chan. (Forthcoming) “Mainland Migrants in Hong Kong” in Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Hong Kong, edited by Tai-Lok Lui, Stephen W.K. Chiu & Ray Yap.

Fong, Eric and Jenny X. Li. (2017). “Locational Dispersion of Family Members: Chinese in Toronto.” pp. 207-221 in Chinese Mobilities and Canada, edited by Llyod Wong. Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press.

Li, Jenny X and Fong, Eric (2016). “Integration of East Asian Immigrants and the Second-Generation” in Problems of East-Asian Societies in the Post-Industrial Era, edited by Junya Tsutsui, Kwang-Yeong Shin, Haruka Shibata. Tokyo: Minerva Shobo (In Japanese).

Fong, Eric and Jenny X. Li. 2015. “Migration,” in Oxford Bibliographies Online: Sociology, Jeff Manza (eds.) New York: Oxford University Press.