LEE Rance Pui Leung
Emeritus Professor
Current Research & Teaching Interests
  • Globalization and medical pluralism
  • Mental health and urban life
  • Social Networks in Chinese societies
Selected publications
2009 (與賴蘊寬合著)。<香港兩性的社會網絡特徵與生活快樂><城市生活壓力和社會支持精神健康的影響>,刊於《費孝通與中國社會學人類學》,馬戎、劉世定、邱澤奇、潘乃谷編,66-77頁。北京: 社會科學文獻出版社
2008 (Co-authored with CHAN Moon Fai; WONG Frances Kam Yuet; CHANG Katherine Ka Pik; CHOW Susan Ka Yee; CHUNG Loretta Yuet Foon; and LEE Wai Man). “Chronic Illness – A Study on Investigating Unplanned Readmission Patterns”. Journal of Clinical Nursing vol.17 pp.2164-2173. 2008 Blackwell Publishing Ltd.
2008 (Co-authored with WONG Frances Kam Yuet; CHOW Susan; CHUNG Loretta; CHANG Katherine; CHAN Tony andLEE Wai-man). “Can Home Visits Help Reduce Hospital Readmissions? Randomized Controlled Trial”. Journal of Advanced Nursing vol.62(5) pp.585-595. 2008 Blackwell Publishing Ltd.
2008 (Co-authored with CHOW K Y Susan; WONG K Y Frances; CHAN M F Tony; CHUNG Y F Loretta and CHANG K P Katherine). “Community Nursing Services for Postdischarge Chronically Ill Patients”. Journal of Nursing and Healthcare of Chronic Illness in association with Journal of Clinical Nursing vol.17(7b) pp.260-271. 2008 Blackwell Publishing Ltd.
2007 (Co-authored with CHAN, LAI NGO and CHIU Wing Kai Stephen). “Gendered Preference of Chinese Medicine Utilization in Hong Kong: Perspectives from Socio-demographic Changes”. The 39th Annual Conference of the British Sociology Association Medical Sociology Group United Kingdom.
2007 “Chinese Diffused and Institutional Health Care and Global Change.” Social Transformation in Contemporary China, edited by Wenfang Tang and Burhart Holzner. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press.”
2006 (與陳膺強合著)。<香港兩性的社會網絡特徵與生活快樂>,刊於《社會發展的趨勢與挑戰:香港與台灣的經驗》,劉兆佳、尹寶珊、李明、黃紹倫編。第一版,139-152頁。香港:香港中文大學香港亞太研究所。
2006 (Co-authored with Gina Lai). ” Market Reform and Psychological Distress in Urban Beijing.” International Sociology (A Journal of International Sociological Association). 21(4): 551-579. London: Sage Publications. 2006
2006 (Co-authored with Y.K. Chan). “Network Size, Social Support and Happiness in Later Life: A Comparative Study of Beijing and Hong Kong.” Journal of Happiness Studies. 7: 87-112. 2006
2005 (與喬健、李友梅、馬戎合編)。《文化、族群與社會的反思》。2005
2005 (Co-authored with Danching Ruan and Gina Lai). “Social Structure and Support Network in Beijing and Hong Kong.” Social Network. 27(3): 249-174. 2005
2005 (Co-authored with Stephen W.K. Chiu and Lisanne S.F. Ko) “Decolonization and the Movement for Institutionalization of Chinese Medicine in Hong Kong: A Political Process Perspective.” Social Science and Medicine, 27(3): 249-274. 2005
2005 (Co-authored with Cheung Yuet-wah and Stephen W.K. Chiu). “Health: Perceptions and Practices.” Pp. 57-97 in Indicators of Social Development: Hong Kong 2004, edited by Lau Siu-kai. Hong Kong: HKIAPS, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. 2005
2004 (與張文宏、阮丹青合著)。<城市居民社會網絡的階層構成>,《社會學研究》(中國社會科學院社會學研究所),第114期,1-10頁。2004
2004 北京大學社會學系編。「社會結構與精神健康」,載於頁239-254,《21世紀與中國社會學:慶祝北京大學社會學系20周年學術講座論文集》。北京:北京大學出版社。2004
2002 (與陳膺強合著)。<香港老年人的心境與社會網絡>,《香港社會學學報》,第三期,51-69頁。2002
2001 (與喬健、馬戎合編)。《二十一世紀的中國社會學與人類學》。第一版,679頁。台灣:麗文文化事業股份有限公司。2001
2001 <全球化、現代化與文化多元性:分析香港中西醫藥體系的互動><全球化、現代化與文化多元性:分析香港中西醫藥體系的互動>,刊於《二十一世紀:文化自覺與跨文化對話(一)》,馬戎、周星主編。384-409頁。北京:北京大學出版社。2001
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2001 《社會研究的統計應用》。北京:社會教學文獻出版社。2001
2000 <醫療多元格局的社會文化因素:以香港中西醫療變化為例><醫療多元格局的社會文化因素:以香港中西醫療變化為例>,《香港社會學學報》,第一期,1-28頁。2000
2000 “Living Arrangements and Elderly Care.” Pp. 269-296 in Who Should Care for the Elderly? An East-West Value Divide. Singapore: Singapore University Press.2000″
1999 (與喬健、馬戎合編)。《社會科學的應用與中國現代化》。450頁。北京:北京大學出版社。1999
1999 “Ethical, Legal and Social Implications of Human Genetics: Views of Chinese Intellectuals on Human Genetic Engineering.” Pp. 66-81 in Chinese Scientists and Responsibility: Ethical Issues of Human Genetics in Chinese and International Contexts, edited by Ole Doring. Hamburg: Mitteilungen des Instituts fur Asienkunde.1999″
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1976 “The Causal Priority between Socioeconomic Status and Psychiatric Disorder: A Prospective Study.” International Journal of Social Psychiatry, 22(1): 1-8. 1976″

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