LAU Siu-kai
Emeritus Professor
+852 3943 6631

Current Research & Teaching Interests
  • Political development of Hong Kong
  • Social change in Hong Kong
  • Comparative politics
  • International politics
Selected Publications
2017 The Practice of “One Country, Two Systems”in Hong Kong. Hong Kong: The Commercial Press.
2017 《回歸後香港的獨特政治形態》。香港商務印書館
2015 《一國兩制在香港的實踐》。香港:商務印書館。
2014 《香港的獨特民主路》。香港:商務印書館。
2012 《回歸十五年以來香港特區管治與新政權建設》。香港:商務印書館。
2007 “In Search of a New Political Order.” In The First Decade: The Hong Kong SAR in Retrospective and Introspective Perspectives.
2002 “Tung Chee-hwa’s Governing Strategy: The Shortfall in Politics.” in The First Tung Chee-hwa Administration: The First Five Years of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region.”
2000 「行政主導的政治體制:設想與現實」,載於《香港二十一世紀藍圖》
1998 (with Hsin-chi Kuan) The Ethos of the Hong Kong Chinese. Hong Kong: The Chinese University Press.
1997 “Decolonization a la Hong Kong: Britain’s Search for Governability and Exit with Glory.” The Journal of Commonwealth & Comparative Politics, 35(2): 28-54″
1996 《過渡期香港政治》,香港:廣角鏡出版社。
1983 “Social Change, Bureaucratic Rule, and Emergent Political Issues in Hong Kong.” World Politics 35: 544-562.”
1982 “Social Accommodation of Politics: The Case of the Young Hong Kong Workers.” The Journal of Commonwealth & Comparative Politics, 20(2): 172-188″
1982 Society and Politics in Hong Kong. Hong Kong. The Chinese University Press.
1982 “Development, Colonial Rule, and Intergroup Conflict in a Chinese Village in Hong Kong.” Human Organization, 41(2): 139-146″
1981 “Chinese Familism in an Urban-Industrial Setting: The Case of Hong Kong.” Journal of Marriage and the Family, 43(4): 181-196.”