GAO Haiyan

PhD, 2015

Research Interests
  1. Social Psychology
  2. Organizational Sociology
  3. Social Measurement and Experiment
Book Chapters

Huang, W., Gao, H. (2014). Talent Assessment Practice (Chapter 7, 8, 9). Guangming Daily Press.

Su, Y., Ji, C., Gao, H., etc. (2011). Talent Assessment Practice (Chapter 8). China Renmin University Press.

Journal Articles

Gao, H. (2014). How to make the best use of human resource data? China Electric Power Education, 13: 86-87.

Gao, H. (2012). How to do performance evaluation more effectively? Human Resources, 12: 42-44.

Gao, H. (2012). Construction of competency model. Human Resources, 10: 42-44.

Gao, H., Deng H. (2008). Concept of hierarchy and occupational choice. Talent Development, 4: 16-17.