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Assistant Professor, Prof. Zhu Ling, published a PNAS article: The Intergenerational Sources of the U-Turn in Gender Segregation

It is our great honor to announce that one of the Assistant Professors in our Department, Prof. Zhu Ling has recently published an PNAS article with Prof. David Grusky: “The intergenerational sources of the U-turn in gender segregation” in PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES (SCIE category: Multidisciplinary Science, rank 9/73 in JCR 2021). The article was a direct submission to PNAS and free for anyone to download. It is an innovative and masterful investigation into the puzzle of the stalled gender convergence (some also call it the stalled gender revolution) that has attracted thousands of research publications in the past 15 to 20 years.

This publication is also a milestone in the history of the Department. For the first time ever one of our faculty members or students appeared as the lead or primary author of a direct submission to any of the big three general-interest science journals, which are PNAS, Nature, and Science. Please click here to read the full article: The intergenerational sources of the U-turn in gender segregation | PNAS