ZHU Ling
Assistant Professor
+852 39435218

Research Interests

Chinese Society
Computational Social Science
Economic Sociology
Organizations and Work
Political Sociology
Quantitative Methods
Social Inequality and Stratification
Social Networks

Selected Publications

2020    Zhu, Ling *. “Tradition-modern Duality: Cultural Characteristics of Urban Villages through the Lens of A Rural Protest”. Tsinghua Sociological Review (in Chinese). In press.

2020    Zhu, Ling * and Tony Tam. “Negative Ability Bias from Conditioning on a Confounded Mediator: A Directed Interaction Test and Case Study”. Social Science Research. 87: 102401. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0049089X19310439?casa_token=KowMXSx34SsAAAAA:y2wg2cu1ZOwHebhX3eFT35mvXin3Mj0BrBPR-Ghp83GgVq98x_v30MUIV4hVtENyOe9QFLK0R-RH

2020    Zhou, Xueguang, Yu Ai, Jianhua Ge, Huijun Gu, Lan Li, Qinglian Lu, Wei Zhao, and Ling Zhu. “The Party-Government Relationship in the Chinese Bureaucracy: Evidence from Patterns of Personnel Flow.” Society/Shehui (in Chinese). 40(2):137-67. http://gb.oversea.cnki.net/kcms/detail/detail.aspx?filename=SHEH202002005&DBName=cjfdtotal&dbcode=cjfd

2019    Zhu, Ling * and Tony Tam. “Have Party Premiums Disappeared in Post-2000 China? The Influence of Negative Ability Bias from Position Conditioning.” Chinese Journal of Sociology. 5(1): 57-79. https://journals.sagepub.com/eprint/7KTqYsVg2vagaGmzuVWf/full

2018    Zhu, Ling *. “Intergenerational Housing Asset Transfer and The Reproduction of Housing Inequality in Urban China.” Chinese Journal of Sociology. 4(4):453-480. http://journals.sagepub.com/eprint/wwSuCaq2gpAukwcxNtWC/full#_i34

2018     Zhou, Xueguang, Yu Ai, Jianhua Ge, Huijun Gu, Lan Li, Qinglian Lu, Wei Zhao, and Ling Zhu. “Stratified Spatial Mobility in the Chinese Bureaucracy: A Model and Empirical Evidence.” Society (in Chinese). 38(3):1-45. http://www.society.shu.edu.cn/EN/abstract/abstract17056.shtml