Cluster Leader
Assistant Professor
Research Interests
Organizational structure of political institutions and its influence on socio-economic development
Social stratification, income inequality and intergenerational mobility in China and US
Affiliated Members
Assistant Professor
Research Interests
Social Stratification, Science, Technology, and Society, Computational Social Science
Vice-Chancellor Assistant Professor
Research Interests
Social Stratification; International/Internal Migration; Chinese Society; Quantitative Methods
Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work, CUHK
Research Interests
Child/youth development in low-income families, Child welfare, Work-family balance, Poverty and welfare programme evaluation, Quantitative methodology
Associate Professor, Department of Educational Administration and Policy, CUHK
Research Interests
Economics of Education, Education Policy
Assistant Professor
Research Interests
Social Stratification, Education, Health, Children and Youth, Contemporary China, Quantitative Methods
Associate Professor, Department of Social Work, CUHK
Research Interests
Poverty, Deprivation, and Social Exclusion, Social Security, Labour Policy and Social Policies, Community Economic Development and Social Enterprise, Programme Evaluation and Social Impact Assessment, Working Poor, Homeless People and Marginal Groups
Quality of Life and Well-being
Current Research Projects
1. Meritocratic Mobility Regime: A Comparative Model and Analysis
2. Market reform, state-sector restructuring, and income inequality in post-reform China
3. Wealth and housing inequality in post-reform China
4. Unequal Adolescence: How Do Educational Achievement, Depression, and Their Relationship Differ between Disadvantaged and Advantaged Chinese Middle School Students?
1. Intergenerational social mobility and occupational gender segregation in the US
2. Social mobility during the transition to the third industrial revolution: The transformation of intergenerational closure in the United States and China
Research Outputs

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Talks, Seminars, and Conferences
Date: 21 May 2021
Date: 8 Oct 2021
Date: 28 Jan 2022
Date: 18 March 2022
Date: 6 May 2022
Date: 10 to 12 May 2022
Date: 22 Oct 2021

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