Q1: What happens if I cannot submit all supporting documents (such as copies of certificates, official transcripts, recommendation letters) before the deadline?
Q2: Can I submit a photocopy of my academic transcript?
Q3: I graduated from an oversea university some years ago and it is difficult for me to apply for transcripts now. Yet I had applied for several sealed copies back then, can I send a transcript copy to your programme instead?
Q4: There is no formal transcript in my university in mainland China. What can I do?
Q5: Concerning the recommendation letters, can I send them to you directly other than filling the online form on the graduate school website?
Q6: Whom should I invite for writing my recommendation letters?
Q7: Should I write in Chinese or English for my application materials (including the Statement of Study Purpose and recommendation letters)?
Q8: What should I write about in the “Statement of Study Purpose”?
Q9: Can I apply for this programme if my qualifications do not satisfy the minimum requirements for admission (e.g. I only possess a third-class honours degree)?
Q10: After submitting my application, how long does it take to process?
Q11: Does early review mean advanced offer?
Q12: Can I be directly enrolled in the second term (January) of the M.A. programme?
Q13: What is the assessment method of the courses?
Q14: Is graduate thesis required for completing this programme?
Q15: What should I do if I want to apply for shortening of my normative period of study?
Q16: If I have taken relevant courses in CUHK or other universities, can I apply for exemption of the regarding units?
Q17: Is this programme a recognised course under CEF scheme?
Q18: Can I be qualified as a liberal studies teacher in Hong Kong high schools upon completion of this programme?
Q19: Can I apply for postgraduate hostel in CUHK if I am admitted to this programme?
Q20: Is there any studentship or scholarship for this programme?