Sharing by students and graduates
Sharing by SHIU Cheuk Lam Charlton, Year 4 Sociology

I am Charlton Shiu (She/They), a final year sociology student minoring in French, also an author and a social entrepreneur in Hong Kong. I am delighted to share my journey and passion for sociology with the Sociology Department at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).

Sociology has been an incredible force in shaping my understanding of the world and empowering me to create meaningful change. Through its lens, I have developed the perspective of sociological imagination a concept coined by C. Wright Mills. This ability allows me to see beyond individual experiences and recognize the larger societal forces that shape our lives. With sociological imagination, I can connect personal troubles to public issues, enabling a deeper comprehension of the root causes of social problems.

Inspired by this perspective, I embarked on a mission to make a difference in the Asia Pacific regions by starting 2 social enterprises with the support of The Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund, I was able to turn my passion into reality. More…

Sharing by CHEUNG Chun Fung Anthony, Year 3 student, United College

As Cheung Ka-long won the men’s foil in the Tokyo Olympic Games on 26th July 2021, I was greatly inspired by his success as an elite athlete in Hong Kong who dares to dream. Surrounded by newspaper headlines that congratulated Ka-long for “creating history” and featured him as the “fencing god”, I could not escape this craze and got myself enrolled in ‘significantly’ more sports interest classes at CUHK!!! Yet, my Sociological Imagination started to kick in – I also noticed Tokyo Paralympic medalists, like Chan Ho-yuen who won a bronze medal in badminton and ranked 2nd in World that year, received much less public attention. Such unequal treatment and the territory-wide Medals-craze have motivated my interest in the study of Sport Sociology. More…

Sharing by Cheung Wai Ngan, Year 4 Sociology

My exchange semester at University of Toronto provided a wealth of cultural experiences. I was able to learn from local and international students through conversations and participating in campus events. This broadened my understanding of different cultures and traditions, and challenged me to think critically about the world. I formed relationships and made memories that I will cherish forever. I highly recommend this experience to anyone looking to expand their cultural horizons. More…

Sharing by Ho Kwan Fai, Year 4 Sociology

I have participated in the U-wide exchange programme organized by OAL from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I have been at the University of Navarra as a full-time exchange student from September 2022 to December 2022. It is in a town called Pamplona, and it is a high-ranking university in Spain.

I have been assigned to the faculty of philosophy and literature to conduct my studies. I have registered for four courses in total, including a course about the historical events of the Greek and Roman civilizations, a course about the literature of English from the Anglo-Saxon period to the turn of the 19th century, and two courses about learning Spanish. Apart from attending courses for approximately 20 hours per week, there were different activities organized by the university for exchange students to join. More…

Sharing by Li Xinting, Year 4 Sociology

My Exchange Trip to University of Pennsylvania, USA


I would like to express my genuine gratitude to Professor Andrew Junker, who shared with me memories about Philadelphia, his hometown, and invited me to visit his parents’ home and their neighborhood. The care and hospitality they lovingly offered made me feel at home in a foreign land. I also want to thank Professor Tony Tam, my mentor at our department, who encouraged me to set aside intuitive discomfort and “observe like a sociologist” when I emailed him about the confusing moments I had in a seminar course on race. More…

Sharing by Pei Yu, Year 4 Sociology

Pei Yu- Exchange to Science Po (Paris) 2nd Term, 22-23


Sharing by Wong Yi Nei Elaine, Year 4 Sociology

Studying sociology at CUHK has affirmed my passion for leveraging research in advocating for social change. My strong interest in public policy study stems from my internship experience at the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) and the UNICEF HK, which I applied through the Sociology Internship Programme. At HKCSS I assisted in the research of the obstacles faced by the applicants of the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Scheme. This experience helped me to critically reflect on why some social policies fail to deliver benefits to those who need and value them most. In another summer, I worked as an Advocacy Intern at the UNICEF Hong Kong. This experience has further enlightened me with knowledge in the fields of policy research and advocacy. Since then, I have developed a keen interest in policy studies, and is planning to pursue a postgraduate degree in this area. More…

Sharing by Cherine Luk, Year 4 Sociology

“In my first year of undergraduate study, every professor from the department told me about the importance of building up sociological imagination. It helps us grasp the relationship between collective history and individual biography. Now, ambitious climate actions are urged and creating a sustainable society are prioritized. As sociology students, we should and could contribute to sustainable future development with our attention to the interactive dimensions of individuals, societies and the environment. I was the president of the 8th CUHK Agricultural Development Group (CU AGRO) and worked as the ambassador of the Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change. You might see me promoting local veggies and green diets in the Tuesday Farmer’s Market or guiding some tours for guests on the campus! I can’t wait to see more sociologists and students bring different perspectives from the sociological field to environmental issues.” (Cherine Luk, Year 4 Sociology) More…

Sharing by Calvin Shen, a graduate of 2017

Calvin Shen 沈書緣
Graduate of 2017


“Students will acquire sociological knowledge in their junior year, and progress to rigorous training of methodological skills. Senior-year students opting for either Senior Thesis or Direct Studies will have an opportunity to work with professors, many of whom have globally influential research output…If you have an urge to change the world for the better, you are welcome to join us. The Department of Sociology is an ideal place for you to strengthen your intellectual abilities, find your life purpose, and prepare yourself for a meaningful role in the society.”


Sharing by ‘Love · Care · Boundaryless’

‘Love · Care · Boundaryless’, a social service group formed by CUHK students (most are from Sociology)

We are a group of CUHK students who are passionate to make our society a better place to live. This summer we got funding from the I · CARE Centre for Whole-person Development to initiate our social service project, which aims to promote the well-being of asylum seekers. The idea was indeed originated in a student research assignment to study the living condition and crime involvement among asylum seekers in Hong Kong. More…