Study Plan and Course List
Study Scheme (for Students admitted in 2021-22 or thereafter)
Coursework Requirement
Other Requirements
Study period
Course List (Offered in 2023-24)

SOCI 5501 Sociology and Modern Life

SOCI 5502 Decoding Hong Kong Society

SOCI 5503 Methods of Social Inquiry

SOCI 5504 Statistics for Social Research

SOCI 5601 Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology

SOCI 5631 Contemporary Chinese Society

SOCI 5633 Globalization: Challenges and Responses

SOCI 5635 Social Problems and Inequalities

SOCI 5636 Issues in Education and Society

SOCI 5643 Doing Class in Everyday Life

SOCI 5644 Thesis Project

SOCI 5645 Crime and Criminal Justice
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