WONG Suk-ying
Professor (Teaching)
Current Research & Teaching Interests
  • Sociology of education
  • Comparative and historical sociology
  • Institutionalism and social organizations
  • Higher Education
Five representative publications
2015 “Citizenship as a National and Transnational Enterprise: How Education Shapes Regional and Global Relevance.” in Transnational Trajectories: Nation, Citizenship, and Region in East Asia. (co-authored with Yasemin N. Soysal)
2006 “Educating Future Citizens in Europe and Asia.” Chapter in School Knowledge in Comparative and Historical Perspectives: Changing Curriculum in Primary and Secondary Education, edited by Aaron Benavot and Cecilia Braslavsky. New York and London: Springer-Kluwer Academic Publishing. (co-authored with Yasemin N. Soysal)
2000 “What Counts As History: A Cross-National and Longitudinal Study of University Curricula.” Comparative Education Review, 44: 29-53. (Co-authored with David Frank)
1991 “The Evolution of Social Science Instructions (1900-1986): A Cross-National Study.” Sociology of Education, 64: 33-47.
1991 “Knowledge for the Masses: World Models and National Curricula, 1920-1986.” American Sociological Review, 56: 85-100. (Co-authored with Aaron Benavot, et al.)

  • SOCI 6010 Guided Studies I
  • SOCI 6020 Guided Studies II
Research Grants

June, 2009 – December, 2010 Principal Investigator

  • Research Grants Council (RGC), Hong Kong and Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), United Kingdom Bilateral/Joint Research Scheme. A bilateral program of the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council and Hong Kong’s Research Grant Council. The project, titled “The Nation, Region and the World,” is a comparative and longitudinal study of curricula and textbooks from Europe and the East Asia, with a particular focus on the transformations of the nation and citizenship since the 1950s in relation to regional and globalization processes.

2008 – 2010 Principal Investigator Research Grants Council Earmarked Grants (RGC)

  • Research Grants Council Earmarked Grants (RGC)

2003 – 2005 Principal Investigator (Individual Research)

  • Research Grants Council Earmarked Grants (RGC)

1994 – 95 Spencer Foundation Post-doctoral Fellowship

  • The National Academy of Education , USA

1993 – 1996 Principal Investigator

  • Major Research Grant, Ministry of Education, Japan
Administrative Duties


  • C.W. Chu College, CUHK
Community and Professional Service

Editorial Board

  • Compare (Official Journal of the Comparative Education Society of Asia) Multicultural Education Review