Current Research & Teaching Interests
  • Social Demography
  • Migration and Immigration
  • Family and Life Course
  • Gender
  • Population Health and Well-being
Selected publications

Tong, Yuying and Yiqing Gan. Forthcoming. “The Expanding Search for Work: The Gender Gap in Livelihood Choices among the Rural Chinese, from 1989 to 2015”. Rural Sociology.

Gan, Yiqing and Yuying Tong. 2023. “Discrimination and Mental Health of Highly Educated Immigrants in Hong Kong: The Buffering Role of Group Concentration” Cities.

Tong, Yuying, Yiqing Gan and Chunxue Zhang. 2023. “Whose Preference Matters More? Couple’s Fertility Preferences and Realization in the Context of China’s Two-child Policy”. Journal of Family Issues.

Tong, Yuying, and Dan Chen. 2022. “Is the worth of a college education declining vis-à-vis the transition into homeownership? A gender-differentiated analysis among young adults in Hong Kong from 1991 to 2016.” Research in Social Stratification and Mobility.

Tong, Yuying, and Eric Fong. 2022. “Well‐being of migrants and immigrants: Perspectives in Asia and from Asians in North America.” Journal of Social Issues 78(3): 489-501. [Introduction paper to a special issue]

Tong, Yuying, Tianzhu Nie and Martin Piotrowski. 2022. “Channeling Good Images but Not Substantive Blessings?  Education and Social Contact on Pro-Migrant Attitudes in an Internal Migration Setting” Social Forces

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