Research Assistant Professor
Current Research and Teaching Interests
  • International migration/mobility/travel
  • Inequality/stratification
  • Sociology of law
  • Tourism
  • Mixed methods research
  • US-China relations
Selected Publications

Thomas, Jacob Richard. “Bureaucratic and Organizational Amenability to Racial Diversification: How Points Systems Replaced White-Only Immigration Policies.” International Journal of Sociology 53, no. 2 (2023): 103-131.

*Full text: Here

Thomas, Jacob and Min Zhou, “Ethnic Entrepreneurship and Its Transnational Linkages,” in Brenda Yeo and Francis Collins, Handbook On Transnationalism. Routledge, 2022

*Full text: Here

Jacob Thomas, Lemeng Liang, Shigeto Sonoda, and Yu Xie, 2021, “Shingata Korona wuirusu wa sekaino taichu/taibei ninsiki wo ikani kaetaka? (How did COVID-19 change Global Views of China and US?)” in Shigeto Sonoda and Yu Xie eds., Sekai no Taichu Ninshiki: Deta de saguru sono tokucho to henka (Global Views of China: Empirical analysis of their trends), University of Tokyo Press, December 2022

Thomas, Jacob. “From local control to remote control: an excavation of international mobility constraints.” Theory and Society 50, no. 1 (2021): 33-64.

*Full text: Here

Thomas, Jacob. “Reflecting upon the Impact of the United States’ 2016 Election and Travel Ban: Why Might Fewer Foreign Businesspeople, Tourists, Students, and Relatives Be Visiting the United States?.” S. Cal. Interdisc. LJ 29 (2019): 619.

*Full text: Here

Thomas, Jacob. How COVID-19 Can Inspire to Change Society of the Better in the Long Run (If We Take It Seriously)”, Op-Ed in Special issue of Contexts on covid-19 and the future of society, 2020

*Full text: Here

Thomas, Jacob. “When Political Freedom Does Not Offer Travel Freedom: The Varying Determinants of Visa‐Free Travel Opportunities.” International Migration 58, no. 2 (2020): 80-97.

*Full text: Here

Thomas, Jacob and Kjerstin Gruys, 2014, Entry on “Class.” Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Consumer Studies.


  • SOCI 3231 Qualitative Research
Community and Professional Service


*American Sociological Association

*Population Association of America

*International Chinese Sociological Association