Research Assistant Professor
Current Research and Teaching Interests
  • International migration/mobility/travel
  • Inequality/stratification
  • Sociology of law
  • Tourism
  • Mixed methods research
  • US-China relations
Selected Publications

Thomas, Jacob and Min Zhou, “Ethnic Entrepreneurship and Its Transnational Linkages,” in Brenda Yeo and Francis Collins, Handbook On Transnationalism. Routledge, 2022

Jacob Thomas, Lemeng Liang, Shigeto Sonoda, and Yu Xie, 2021, “Shingata Korona wuirusu wa sekaino taichu/taibei ninsiki wo ikani kaetaka? (How did COVID-19 change Global Views of China and US?)” in Shigeto Sonoda and Yu Xie eds., Sekai no Taichu Ninshiki: Deta de saguru sono tokucho to henka (Global Views of China: Empirical analysis of their trends), University of Tokyo Press, December 2022

Thomas, Jacob. “From local control to remote control: an excavation of international mobility constraints.” Theory and Society 50, no. 1 (2021): 33-64.

Thomas, Jacob. “Reflecting upon the Impact of the United States’ 2016 Election and Travel Ban: Why Might Fewer Foreign Businesspeople, Tourists, Students, and Relatives Be Visiting the United States?.” S. Cal. Interdisc. LJ 29 (2019): 619.

Thomas, Jacob. How COVID-19 Can Inspire to Change Society of the Better in the Long Run (If We Take It Seriously)”, Op-Ed in Special issue of Contexts on covid-19 and the future of society, 2020

Thomas, Jacob. “When Political Freedom Does Not Offer Travel Freedom: The Varying Determinants of Visa‐Free Travel Opportunities.” International Migration 58, no. 2 (2020): 80-97.

Thomas, Jacob and Kjerstin Gruys, 2014, Entry on “Class.” Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Consumer Studies.


  • SOCI 3231 Qualitative Research
Community and Professional Service


*American Sociological Association

*Population Association of America

*International Chinese Sociological Association