LEE King-wa
Current Research & Teaching Interests
  • Criminology
  • Social problem
  • Globalization
  • Policing
  • Victimology
  • Organized crime
  • Social enterprise
Selected publications
2017  “Crime Trends.” In Eric Wing-hong Chui and T. Wing Lo. Understanding Criminal Justice in Hong Kong (2nd Edition). Chapter 4. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.  (Co-authored with Broadhurst, R.G. & Chan,
2013 “Normalization of Drug Taking and The Shift of Drug Control Policy in Hong Kong.” Journal of Shandong Police College, 25(1):98-108. (Co-authored with CHAN, Ching-yee, LAW Chi-kin)
2012 “Victimization and Risk behaviors among Girl-Child in Hong Kong.” Pp.265-294 in Choi, Susanne Y.P. and Cheung, Fanny M. (edited). Women and Girls in Hong Kong: Current Situations and Future Challenges. Hong Kong: Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies. (Co-authored with CHEUNG, Nicole W.T., ZHONG, Hua).
2010 Hong Kong United Nations International Crime Victim Survey. Final Report of the 2006 Hong Kong UNICVS. ICBN: 978-962-7558-01-9. (Co-authored with Broadhurst, R.G., Bacon-Shone J., Bouhours, B., Zhong, Lena Y.)
2009 “The Transformation of Triad ‘Dark Societies’ in Hong Kong: The impact of Law Enforcement, Socio-Economic and Political Change”. Security Challenges, 5(3): 1-36. (Co-authored with Broadhurst, R.G.)”
2009 “The Effect of Community Policing on Chinese Organized Crime: The Case of Hong Kong”. In Peter Grabosky (Edited) (2009). Community Policing and Peacekeeping. Chapter 12. London: CRC Press, Taylog & Francis Ltd.”
2009 “Applying Time-series Cross Correlation Analysis to Examine the Nexus between Firearms and Homicide in Hong Kong.” Asian Journal of Criminology, 4: 31-46.”
2006 “Triad-related Homicides in Hong Kong.” Forensic Science International, 162:183-190. (co-authored with Broadhurst, R.G., & Beh, S.L.)”

  • GEJC 1020 The Hong Kong Story
  • GESC 2060 Debating Globalization
  • SOCI 2203 Social Problems and Social Policy
  • SOCI 3234 Policing and Society: Critical Debates and Practices
  • SOCI 5633 Globalization: Challenges and Responses
Research Grants

Direct Grant, CUHK (PI; Co-I: CHAN, Ching Yee, LAW Chi Kin)

  • A study of the patterns of psychotropic drug abuse among at-risk youth in Hong Kong: Perception associated with ketamine use and its construction. (completed)

South China Programme, HKIAPS (Co-I; PI: Prof CHIU, Wing-kai Stephen)

  • The historical and social context of crime boom (1960-1985) in Hong Kong: $64,600 (on-going)

Beat Drugs Fund, Narcotics Division, HKSAR (Co-I; PI: Prof ZHONG, Hua; Co-I: XU Jian Hua)

  • Monitoring Recent Changes of Cross-border Drug Use and their Implications for Prevention/Control Strategies: $630,890 (on-going)
Administrative Duties


  • Admissions Committee,
    Department of Sociology

eLearning Liaison Person (eLLP)

    Department of Sociology