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New concentration: Society, Sustainability and Technology (introduced in 2021-22)

A new concentration will be introduced in 2021-2022. Students may declare a concentration, on a voluntary basis, in the final term of studies when the requisite courses for a concentration have been completed or are expected to be completed in the final term. Students are allowed to declare no more than 2 concentrations. Upon approval of the declaration by the Department, the said concentration will be indicated in the academic transcript.

Key Note:

  • Students need to take a total of 18 units to fulfill the concentration requirement
  • There are two subthemes under this new concentration: i. Society and Sustainability and ii. Environment and Technology


(At least 9 units, with 3 units must be either SOCI3002 Social Stratification or/and SOCI4204 Sociology of Education, and a maximum of 12 units)

-take at least 6 units of courses listed below:

Course Code / Title:

SOCI 2116 Criminals and the Law

SOCI 2208 Urban Sociology

SOCI 2216 Social Problems in China

SOCI 2218 Marriage and Family

SOCI 3204 Sociology of Crime and Deviance

SOCI 3208 Gender and Society

SOCI 3227 Social Demography

SOCI 3237 Medical Sociology

SOCI 4202 Teaching Workshop for Sociology Students

SOCI 3230 Globalization and China

SOCI 4020 Graduation Thesis II

SOCI 4410 / 4420 Directed Studies I /II


(At least 6 units, with 3 units must be SOCI3239 Issues in Environment and Society, and a maximum of 9 units)

-take SOCI3239 Issues in Environment and Society (new course introduced in 2021/2022), and;

-take either SOCI3238 Digital Sociology (new course introduced in 2021/2022); or/and SOCI3102 Social Networks and Social Capital; or/and SOCI4210 Science and Technology Studies

For information of the three existing sociology concentrations, please visit here (