WONG Yue Hei Jason
Research Interests

1. Social gerontology
2. Social demography
3. Family and life course
4. Health and mental health
5. Social inequality

Journal Articles

Yang, Frances Lu, Adelaide Tsznok Au, Jason Yuehei Wong, Vivian Weiqun Lou. (2022). The Deprived or The Devil? A Content Analysis of Media Representation of the Older Adults under COVID-19 in Hong Kong. Ageing and Society, 1-22. doi:10.1017/S0144686X22000587 


Book Chapters

Lou, Vivian Weiqun, Jason Yuehei Wong, Frances Lu Yang, Charlie Cheukying Fong. (Forthcoming). Use of ICTs to promote well-being: a perspective of internet as a source of capital and basic needs fulfilment. In Garcia, L., Łuszczyńska, M., Bélanger-Hardy, L., & Jutai, J. (eds,) Well-being in older life: the notion of connected autonomy. London: Routledge.