Assistant Professor
Current Research & Teaching Interests
  • Historical sociology and social change
  • Politics, economics, and society
  • Japanese social history in comparative perspective
  • Social theory
  • Urban sociology
Selective Publications
2018 “Reforming States, Agricultural Transformation, and Economic Development in Russia and Japan, 1853–1913.” Comparative Studies in Society and History60(3).
2018 “The Double Movement of the Landlord Class in Prewar Japan.” Journal of Japanese Studies 44(1):25-54.
2015 “Historical Sociology’s Puzzle of the Missing Transitions: A Case Study of Early Modern Japan.” American Sociological Review80(3):603-25.
2014. “The Political Process of the Revolutionary Samurai: A Comparative Reconsideration of Japan’s Meiji Restoration.” Theory and Society 43(2):139-68.
  • SOCI 2208 Urban Sociology
  • SOCI 3207 Economic Sociology
  • SOCI 3223 Contemporary Sociological Theory
  • SOCI 6001 Advanced Theory
  • SOCI 6010 Guided Studies I
  • SOCI 6020 Guided Studies II
Administrative Duties


  • Graduate Studies Committee, Department of Sociology

Library Resources Coordinator

  • Department of Sociology
Community and Professional Service