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Scholarship for Social Services of Department of Sociology

The following scholarship for Social Services is open for application:

Lau Cheung Kwai Lan Memorial Scholarship in Sociology

The scholarship was donated by Dr. Lau Yiu Chung Laurie (劉耀忠博士) and his wife, Mrs. Lau Lam Cheuk Man (劉林卓敏女士), in commemoration of Mrs. LAU Cheung Kwai Lan (劉張桂蘭女士), the beloved mother of Dr. Lau. This Scholarship emphasizes the academic performance, humanistic sensitivity and social service of sociology students.

This year there is one award with HK$5,000 for a non-first-year student majoring in sociology at undergraduate level in 2017/18. Students can apply only once in their entire course of study at this university. S/he should have obtained an average GPA of 3.0 or above in previous years, and have provided significant services to his/her fellow students and/or the community in Hong Kong at large.

Application deadline: 15 June 2020 (Monday)
Enquiries: 3943 6271 /

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