PhD, HKPFS awardee, 2016

Research Interests
  1. Ethnomethodology
  2. Science and Technology Studies
  3. Conversation Analysis
  4. Social Interaction
  5. Sociology of Psychology
Journal Articles

Edmonds, D.M. & Greiffenhagen, C. (Forthcoming). Configuring prospective sensations: Experimenters preparing participants for what they might feel. Symbolic Interaction. Advance online publication.  

Weatherall, A., & Edmonds, D.M. (2018). Speakers formulating their talk as interruptive. Journal of Pragmatics, 123, 11-23. doi:

Book chapters

Edmonds, D, M., & Weatherall, A. (2019). Managing verbal and embodied conduct in telephone-mediated service encounters. In P. Garcés- Conejos Blitvich, L. Fernandez-Amaya & M. de la O Hernandez-Lopez (Eds.), Technology Mediated Service Encounters  (pp. 71-96). John Benjamins.