Sociology is an interesting and yet practical discipline. It studies how human behaviour is influenced by the groups in which people are associated with, ranging from families, friends, organizations, communities to nations and the whole world. Sociology analyzes social phenomena from a scientific approach, equipping students with the ability of abstract theoretical reasoning and the skills of social research. Thus, sociology enables our students to look beyond common sense, critically analyzing social issues and problems on the basis of evidence.

Our Department has the longest history and is the strongest among local sociology departments, well known in not only Hong Kong, but also mainland China and overseas. As sociology training is very useful in almost all kinds of occupations, many of our graduates have fared very well in their respective careers.

We welcome you to explore more about our Department through this website. You will find that our rich and thriving sociology garden is an ideal place for students to strengthen their intellectual abilities, find their goals in life, and prepare themselves for a meaningful role in society in future. It is also an important hub for sociological research on the social development and social problems in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta Region.

Yuet-wah Cheung, Ph.D., M.H., J.P.
Chairperson and Professor

QS World University Rankings by Subjects in 2015/16 - Sociology

March, 2016
Department of Sociology of CUHK ranks 39th in the world in the QS World …

公開講座 : 「從野百合、太陽花到台灣新政治 : 在理想與現實之間」

日期: 2016年4月7日
時間: 1030-1200
地點: 香港中文大學信和樓4樓422室

社會學系畢業生就業講座 -「社會學 ‧ 發展無限」

日期: 2016年4月1日
時間: 1830-2100
地點: 香港中文大學信和樓4樓422室