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Hong Kong-Macao Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis Group


The group, formed in 2016, holds regular data sessions hosted across Hong Kong universities and the University of Macao. The group comes from a range of academic disciplines drawing on EM/CA/MCA with a common interest in researching social action. We welcome researchers at all levels and particularly encourage PhD students to come along and join us.


For further information please contact Christian Greiffenhagen.


Susan Bridges (HKU)
Richard Fitzgerald (UMac)
Christian Greiffenhagen (CUHK)
Ricardo Moutinho (UMac)
Xin Peng (XMU)
Olga Zayts (HKU)
Research Students
Terry Ah-Yeung (UMac)
David Edmonds (CUHK)
Yumei Gan (CUHK)
Zhengpeng Luo (HKU)
Susie Shen (UMac)
Xinyue Xu (HKU)

Next Meetings

Thursday 26 September 2019 4-6pm, HKU (MW531)
Data Session
Younhee Kim (University of Macau): "After-dinner time family interaction (mother and two boys) "
Thursday 24 October 2019 4-6pm, HKU (RM403)
Data Session
Terry Au-Yeung (University of Macau): "Time as a Phenomenon in Interaction--The Sense of "Now" in Talk"
Thursday 21 November 2019 4-6pm, HKU (MW531)
Data Session
Xinzhi Xu (CUHK): "Automation and human-robot interaction in service encounters"
Thursday 12 December 2019 4-6pm, HKU (MW531)
Data Session
Joana Marques (University of Macau): "The production of telescope observations"

Past Meetings

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