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CHOI Susanne Y. P.

DPhil (Oxford University)

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Susanne Choi Yuk Ping received her D.Phil. in Sociology at Nuffield College, University of Oxford. She  was a Fulbright scholar at Harvard University in 2013. Her current research interests include migration, gender, family, sexuality,  service work, and right wing populism. She has written extensively on issues such as migrant labour, cross-border marriages, spousal violence, health issues and violence against female sex workers, gay and lesbian nominal marriages, and domestic division of labour in Chinese societies. Her lead--authored book Masculine Compromise (published by University of California Press) explores how men's rural to urban migration shapes gender and family dynamics in post-socialist China. Susanne is the recipient of the Chinese University's Young Scholar's Research Excellence Award, Research Excellence Award, Exemplary Teaching Award, Vice-Chancellor's Exemplary Teaching Award, and Research Mentorship Award. Her book Masculine Compromise also received the 2108 Best Book Award from International Sociological Association's  RC31 (Sociology of Migration). Since 2015, Susanne has served as an appointed member of Hong Kong's Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) and an elected convener of the equality watchdog's policy, research and training work. She also leads EOC's anti-sexual harassment working group. 

Current Research & Teaching Interests
  • Gender
  • Migration
  • Family
  • Sexuality
  • Social Movement
  • Hong Kong Studies

Book Monograph
2016 Choi, S.Y.P. & Y.Peng. Masculine Compromise: Migration, Family and Gender in China. University of California Press. (Recipient of the International Sociological Association RC31 2018 Best Book Award) 
Selected Journal Articles
2020 Choi, S.Y.P. RRS. Lai., JCL. Pang.  Gender Irrelevance: How Women and Men Rationalise Their Support for the Right. Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society. Vol 45 (2): 473-495. 
2019 Lai, RRS. & Choi, SYP. Premarital Sexuality, Abortion and Inter generational  Dynamics in China. Modern China.
2019 Chiu, JTY. & Choi, SYP. The decoupling of Legal and Spatial Migration of Female Marriage Migrants. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.  (published online before print,
2018 Choi, S.Y.P.  Masculinity and Precarity: Male Migrant Taxi Drivers in South China. Work, Employment and Society, 32 (3): 493-508. 
2018 Choi, S.Y.P.  Migration, Masculinity and Family. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.
2018 S.Y.P., Yeoh, B. and Lam, T. Situated Agency in the Context of Research on Children, Migration and Family in Asia. Population, Space and Place.
2018 Chiu, J.T.Y. and Choi, S.Y.P. Frequent Border-Crossing Children and Cultural Membership. Population, Space and Place.
2016 Choi, S.Y.P. Gender pragmatism and subaltern masculinity in China: Peasant men’s responses to their wives’ labour migration. American Behavioral Scientist, 60(5-6), 565-582.
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2011 Choi, S.Y.P. State Control, Female Prostitution and HIV Prevention in China. The China Quarterly, 205:96-114.
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Edited Volumes
2018 Choi, SYP., Yeoh, B. and Lam, T. (eds.) Children, Migration and Family in Asia. Population, Space and Place.
2017 Choi, S.Y.P. & Fong, E. (eds.) Migration in Post-Colonial Hong Kong. New York: Routledge.
2016 Fong, E., Verkuyten, M., Choi, S.Y.P.(eds.) Migration and identity: Perspectives from Asia, Europe, and North America. American Behavioral Scientist, 60(5-6), 559-790.
  • SOCI 1201
    Hong Kong Society: Identities and Boundaries
  • SOCI 3208
    Gender and Society
  • SOCI 6004
    Advanced Qualitative Methods
Administrative Duties
  • Executive Committee, Gender Research Centre, HKIAPS, CUHK
Appointed Member
  • Task Force on Gender and Family Friendly Policy
  • Panel against Sexual Harrassment

Community and Professional Service
Appointed Board Member
  • HKSAR Equal Opportunities Commission (May 2015-April 2019)
Elected Convenor
  • Policy, Research and Training Committee, Equal Opportunities Commission, HKSAR (May 2015-April 2019)
Elected Convenor
  • Working Group on Anti-Sexual Harassment Campaign, Equal Opportunities Commission, HKSAR (May 2015-April 2019)
  • Editorial Board, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (Jan 2017- Jan 2020)
Elected Associate Board Member
  • Sociology (October 2015-Sept 2018)
  • International Advisory Board, Asian Population Studies (July 2015-June 2018)
Elected Associate Board Member
  • Work, Employment and Society (Jan 2015-Dec 2017)